Topp – a Augmented Reality iOS application

PosterToppLiten copy

This i a result of a university course called Design- Build- Test. It started with me and my two classmates Arvid Bräne and Victor Winnhed contacted a company called Nord Interactive. We asked them for ideas to work on during the course, they responded with a need for a Augmented reality application where you simply would get information about a nearby mountain, creek or other outdoor related places. The basic idea being to use the smartphones camera and screen to draw a layer on top of reality by looking through your phone towards the object.

After some evaluating and testing we decided to use three alternative views of the information. First a list-view containing all the points of interest (POI) with the distance and direction to the POI. Second a map-view, a generic map with pins at the location. And finally a augmented reality-view. Every view can also access a detail-view of any chosen POI, containing name, altitude, description and a picture (if available).

All the POI’s are sorted by different categories .e.g. Mountain, Bike trail, fishing, Waterfall etc. The iPhone application fetches the information from a database. To maintain and fill the database we built a webpage where admins can add and edit POI’s

Skärmavbild 2014-06-03 kl. 20.29.49Here are print-screens showing the three main views.

Skärmavbild 2014-06-03 kl. 20.30.10

And the detail-view and filter-menu.