Winner at Music Tech Fest Scandinavia #MFTScandi


Music Tech Fest Scandinavia is a 24 hour hackathon where you create music related products or concepts.

Me and my roommate Gudmar Söderin applied and we both got a spot! Eventually we talked to a friend named Teo Juel Eckerström and decided to form a team. Gudmar is studying architecture, Teo is a audio and video artist and he’s studying philosophy. My contribution to the team was programming skills and experience in the FabLab (Lasercuts, 3d-prints etc.). At the event we met up with a guy named Klaus Virtanen. Together we created a music-making-machine where no musical skills are needed.

We named it “Another brick on the wall”. The product is like a Rube Goldberg machine, you place wooden bricks on a whiteboard or your fridge. Then when you drop marbles that triggers midi-signal outputs every time a marble lands on a brick. The midi signal is mapped to any instrument on your computer. Check out the demo at youtube.
Lars Englund and Gudmar Söderin prototyping

The jury of Music Tech Fest liked our product and we won the category Smart homes.