Winner at Music Tech Fest Scandinavia #MFTScandi

Music Tech Fest Scandinavia is a 24 hour hackathon where you create music related products or concepts. Me and my roommate Gudmar Söderin applied and we both got a spot! Eventually we talked to a friend named Teo Juel Eckerström and decided to form a team. Gudmar is studying architecture, Teo is a audio and […]

FabLab <3 Data tjej

Together with the association Data Tjej (eng. Computer Girl) I created and led a workshop at Sliperiet in Umeå. Sliperiet is an incubator and work space for the creative industries. The aim of the workshop was to show the FabLab facilities and to recruit female volunteers. The evening started with a short presentation of Sliperiet and FabLab, then two […]

How to control a front loader?

What is a front loader you might ask? A front loader is the liftning arm on farming tractors, you can equip them with different tools such as buckets, forks and lifting equipment. The company Ålö who produce front loaders contacted our school and asked if we could improve the way users control their front loader. This let […]

Topp – a Augmented Reality iOS application

This i a result of a university course called Design- Build- Test. It started with me and my two classmates Arvid Bräne and Victor Winnhed contacted a company called Nord Interactive. We asked them for ideas to work on during the course, they responded with a need for a Augmented reality application where you simply […]

Quadrocopter build

Me and two friends designed and built a multirotor. We started from scratch and searched the web for all the facts needed, then followed a large order  containing everything from motors, propellers, electronics and carbon fibre bars and plates. This picture is showing the first draft made out of cardboard.The design allowed the arms to fold […]